Maurice’s Symphony trailer from Alex Nakone Films on Vimeo.

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Maurice’s Symphony

Set in a dilapidated Steampunk world of old buildings, steam powered machinery and odd-ball characters, Maurice’s Symphony is a short film about a deaf musician. Maurice Matter, a brilliant flute player who suffers hearing loss from Otosclerosis, which it is believed, Beethoven himself may have suffered. Maurice’s journey to regain his hearing is both challenging and heart-warming as he comes to terms with a life filled with the possibility of love, joy and independence.

The ensemble cast is made up of actors both with and without disabilities and features The Voice finalist and Can:Do 4Kids friend Rachael Leahcar, members from No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability and Adelaide’s own Tutti Ensemble.  South Australian born Nicholas Hope (Bad Boy Bubby, Gallipoli) stars in this short film as Mr Gordon Ferk, the cantankerous foreman of the factory where Maurice suffers an industrial accident and ends up in hospital.