Biotech 8


Biotech 8  Running Time 6 minutes 55 seconds


Do your workers have a mind of their own?

Having problems with trouble makers in the workplace?

Well don’t look any further!!!  The answer  is at Biotech 8.

Sit down with Dr Radox Gnosis as he walks you through the cutting edge GMW (Genetically Modified Workforce) technology from Biotech 8.  Enjoy  new levels of productivity and practically eliminate worker disputation with one simple GMW treatment.

RESULTS GUARANTEED* or your money back.

*mutations must be reported within 48 hours of a GMW treatment.


Biotech 8 is a black comedy written and directed by Alex Nakone. It’s a quirky, tongue and cheek mix where work place reform meets genetic engineering.

This short film explores the world of Biotech 8, a huge corporate enterprise headed by Dr Radox Gnosis- CEO and inventor of the GMW . The megalomaniac Gnosis sells his concept with sincerity and conviction…but beware, because at Biotech 8 you never know who gets modified next!

Now seen at :

Newtown Flicks Short Film Festival 2008

Caught Short Film festival 2008

Melbourne underground film festival 2008

Palm Springs International film festival Buyer’s Market 2008

The Creative Doctor’s Film night 2009

Indy Film Fest 2009

Worldwide distribution by Quot media , Toronto , Canada.

Biotech 8 trailer from Alex Nakone Films on Vimeo.

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