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Alex Nakone 


Alex Nakone’s first narrative film Biotech 8, a black comedy about genetically engineered workforces made in 2008, gained worldwide Distribution by Canadian distributor, Quat Media and was sold to a channel displaying short films, Movieola. This film combined his knowledge of medical science with his developing skill for visual storytelling. In 2009 he embarked on an ambitious short film project about human cloning for the purpose of organ harvesting.  His film Mr Morag’s Helical Dreams  later went on to be the  featured film on the New York based website, Film Annex in late October 2010 attracting over one million views.  He was one of eleven filmmakers worldwide chosen as a  Film Annex Success Story, and has been the featured filmmaker on several occasions on that platform.  The film also won the best Science Fiction film genre at the 2011 Barossa International film festival.

Eren Gulfidan, the Creative Director at Film Annex, wrote this about Alex in December 2011,

“Alex Nakone achieves creating a high-budget sci-fi look in his ambitious short films. But what really catches the viewer’s attention is the subject matter. His film, Mr Morag’s Helical Dream, reminded us of the award-winning Sundance film, Primer, and we were instantly hooked after 2 minutes of watching it. The cool blues and greens, the vast desert scenes, and the brief yet insightful look into the future make this film a gem in the pool of many many great short films out there. ”