Helical Dreams

Mr Morag’s Helical dreams (2009) Running time 14 minutes

President Barack Obama 9th March 2009
Human cloning is dangerous, profoundly wrong and has no place in society.”
Ever since Dolly the sheep came to life in 1996, and the list of cloned species grows, the prospect of cloning a human being is now a reality in the modern world. Why would it be done?
Mr Morag’s Helical Dreams explores one of the often quoted reasons to justify cloning, therapeutic applications. It is set in a hypothetical world where human cloning happens. Dr Bernard Aldous, founder of the “New Millennium Medical centre” takes us through the case of Morag who developed kidney failure in childhood and was cloned at young age and the clone’s kidney was donated back to him when he reached the age of thirty.
The story unfolds in the immediate post operative period of the kidney transplant from clone to the original. The ethical dilemma of accepting his clone’s kidney vexes Morag’s subconscious and is played out in his dreams. However, the transplant goes badly and the story ends with a twist of events which questions the whole purpose of cloning for therapeutic ends.

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This film was selected by Blake Whitman of Vimeo as the first of ten videos for his channel These Are Videos a collection of some of his favorite work on Vimeo. It was the featured film on Filmannex and went on to be seen by over 0ne million people. It was the inaugral winner of the best science fiction genre film in the Barossa International Film Festival 2011.

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Blood Rain from Alex Nakone Films on Vimeo.

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