Music Videos

Calling you Calling Me  (2006)

Cinematographer, Editor and Visual effects  Alex Nakone

Original music by John C Williams

Calling You Call Me from Alex Nakone Films on Vimeo.


Beautiful View  (2007)

Cinematographer and Editor  Alex Nakone

Original Music  John C Williams

Beautiful View from Alex Nakone Films on Vimeo.


Have You Seen This Day? (2010)

Have You Seen This Day_3325

Cinematographer, Producer and co-director Alex Nakone

Co Director Charmain Kuhns

Song Written and Composed by Kristen Lawler
Music produced and arranged by John C Williams


Steve Weiss Plus  (Emmy award winning Filmmaker at Zacuto for The Great Shootout)

“Wow. I wasn’t expecting that. I love that you incorporated story into your music video. Beautifully shot, lit, framed & edited. Nice use of camera movement and screen direction. I love the last shot (reminds me of the turning eye shot from Psycho). It’s nice to see dissolves, especially in music videos. Well done.”

Have You Seen This Day? from Alex Nakone Films on Vimeo.

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